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We'll look at your current rankings, where traffic is coming from, and determine how to continue capturing the traffic when the new website launches.

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Since 2018, we've been SEO experts. Not only can we help in your SEO migration, we have ongoing SEO plans to take your rankings to the next level.

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Whether we're consulting or helping to implement the strategy, our process is transparent with highly detailed reporting.

What is included in SEO migration services?

We’ll review your website code, making sure your website is running as quickly as possible and doesn’t contain elements that will negatively impact SEO.

Often removing valuable content is one the biggest reasons search rankings drop. We’ll determine valuable content that needs to stay and weak content that should be removed.

Poor URL structure can ruin the value of a page. Our team will make sure your URLs are optimized, include correct keywords, and that your folder structure is optimized.

The way you link from one page to another within your site content and navigation plays a major impact on rankings. We’ll button it up!

We’ll review your sitemap files and robots.txt to be sure you’re allowing Google to index your website properly.

Proper 301 redirects are essential to SEO migration success. This is one of the most important steps that our team will execute with precision.

If you’re adding new pages and new content to your site, optimizing that content is key.

We’re SEO experts and have lots of SEO strategy ideas. We’ll share these with you and can help implement strategies over the course of future months if needed.




Myntra increased its session in the personal care category by 499.11%​



dun & bradstreet garnered 156% lift in organic sessions.



Spinny sees an increase in non-brand clicks by 169%

How can an SEO agency help you with website migration?

We often try to be Jacks of all trades. While it can be an effective recipe for saving lots of money in many situations, it’s worth keeping in mind that website migration is a complex process where thoughtless decisions can do more harm than good.

Therefore, if you’re planning to transfer your page, you should benefit from the support of an experienced SEO website migration consultant.

Why? Check out the benefits below:

  • You can consult the design of the new website
  • The expert will also give you advice on the choice of technology that will be the most beneficial both SEO and UX-wise
  • The agency will oversee the process of transferring all content and optimizations that should be done during and after the migration. This will take a weight off your shoulders
  • You’ll avoid the most notorious mistakes such as lack of redirects, or not transferring all products, forgetting about tags, and plugging in toolsIf you’re concerned that you might forget something, an SEO agency will oversee the entire process for you, from start to finish, to guarantee that your website migration is successful.



FAQs on SEO Migration

Ideally, your SEO team should be working alongside your website developers throughout the entire website migration and redesign project.

SEO must be considered throughout the process and will eliminate the need to rework layouts and coding. If you’re waiting until development is complete, we can provide your developers with a punch list of items to complete. Building and executing an effective website SEO migration strategy is a complicated endeavor. The earlier you begin planning, the more time to do it correctly.

Proper migration of all existing optimized elements from your old website is crucial for success. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a much less optimized site after launch than the previous website.

Without SEO migration, We’ve seen traffic drop anywhere from 30-90% – sometimes in just a few weeks. It then becomes an uphill battle to identify which elements weren’t migrated, move them over and then wait for the search engines to react. Often we find it can take up to 12 months for rankings to return, if not longer.

The amount of SEO work and time required for a successful site migration depends on many variables, including:

  • Existing organic value: If there is a lot to preserve, more resources are required to protect existing rankings and organic value. Consider SEO consulting services to determine your website’s existing organic value.
  • Website size: How many pages do the old, and new websites have?
  • Backlink profile: The size and complexity of your old website’s backlink profile will have SEO ramifications and can affect SEO strategy/resource allocation.
  • Content additions: Does the new website have new pages, sections, or other optimizable resources?
  • URLs: Will they be changing or staying the same?
  • Dynamic optimizations: Does the website need to deploy dynamic tags for titles, meta descriptions, and other SEO elements?

When migrating to a new website, it’s crucial to measure the impact the migration had on your website’s organic visibility. Always run a baseline keyword report so that you can compare future rankings to the old website. You can analyze your traffic by source/medium in Google Analytics and other software. You can set your source to “organic” and your medium to “google.” The most important SEO metrics to pay attention to following a site migration include:

  • Organic keyword rankings
  • Organic traffic
  • Organic conversions (sales, leads, form completions)

Yes, it is possible to migrate to a new platform without losing search engine rankings. While there may be an initial decline in organic rankings and traffic while Google crawls your new website, with proper SEO planning, your website should end up ranking better in search engines.

Google does not want to punish a company for building a new and better website. But, if you create a worse website, especially from an SEO perspective, you will quickly lose organic rankings and traffic.

When migrating to a new website, it is essential to automatically redirect any visitor who attempts to visit an old URL to a corresponding URL on the new website. Implementing 301 redirects will forward any traffic from old pages on your website to a related page on the new site. More importantly, 301 redirects help capture and preserve the “link juice” and authority from your previous site’s backlink profile. There are many different redirects, but a “301” redirect tells Google and other search engines that the URL change is permanent.

OuterBox has gained unrivaled knowledge and expertise on website migration and the many inherent SEO challenges businesses face. Since 2004, we’ve launched hundreds of websites while helping companies preserve and improve their organic visibility with professional SEO and web development services.

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